Mantua: Hair, It’s a Family Thang

Brown is happy to help his cousin, for a price.
The storefront at 3938 Lancaster Ave. has been home to the Morrison family barbershop for over 40 years


Located at 3938 Lancaster Ave., Hair Thang is a staple in Mantua. The family operation has been serving the since community since the early 1970s. Morris Brown, the current operator, is in his 20th year running the shop. He took over in May 1992, getting the keys from his uncle who shares his name.

It was always a family affair, with his father operating the business side of the shop while his uncle handled day-to-day operation. Brown, a Temple graduate, worked in the shop for years before taking it over from his uncle. More than a job or business opportunity, he said he enjoys cutting friends and families hair.

“Our clientele is made up of mostly people from inside the community, but we do pull a lot of people from outside as well,” Brown said.

Brown’s cousin, Carlos Muniez, was in his chair getting his hair worked on as he spoke.

“Morris is a great guy. He does his part for the community and helps out where he can.” said Muniez, praising his cousin.

Brown is happy to help his cousin, for a price.

As a business owner, employment to local residents is one of the strongest things he can offer.

“I try to employ people from the neighborhood as much as I can,” Brown said. “If we have the sign up for help, I try to give anyone a job who needs help and is qualified.”

When asked what his favorite part of the shop still being in the family Muniez joked, saying, “It’s the free cuts that keeps me coming back.”


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  1. Love hearing about long time family small business successes. Thanks for sharing and kudos to the Brown family for keeping it going for so long.

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