East Falls: Local Clothing Shop Provides Apparel and More

Jeffries and her clients met for a personal consultation at Red House.
Jeffries and her clients met for a personal consultation at Red House.

Red House, a clothing store, located on the 3733 Midvale Ave., not only has exclusive clothing for special occasions, but also reaches out to local high school and college students.

The non-profit organization, Breakfree Design Group, helps prepare students for the work field with hands-on internships.

Co-owners Dahlia Wigfall, Cyan “Blue” Jeffries and Alim Morris teach sewing lessons showing students how to reconstruct old clothing, curtains and fabrics into formal attire.

While the business attracts people from all over the region, most of their customers are from East Falls, Germantown and Manayunk, Jeffries said.

Erica Thomas, a Red House client, is getting a custom-made dress for the after party of her wedding this May. She took a sewing class and loved the distinct merchandise and fabrics, Thomas said. “They’re very hands-on and patient here. During the sewing lessons, there is no such thing as a dumb question,” she said.

Geneva Joy, a client of Red House for three years, said she loves the environment of the store and the custom-fitted designs. “They give awesome service and have unique, high-fashion designs that are fitted for custom sizes,” Joy said.

Jeffries showed some of their custom-made designs.

The Breakfree Design Group helps high school and college interns to learn real-life skills they don’t necessarily learn in school, Jeffries said. The trio said they want to help young people secure employment for the future, she said.

Every third Friday of the month Red House hosts a party where community members can come to mingle and do community art projects. “It’s a way for us to empower the community and bring people together,” Jeffries said. Their next party on April 20 will feature DJ Freedom and a bonfire.

For more information, see the website here.

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