Hunting Park: Proposed Police Advisory Board Hopes to Cut Crime Rates

Councilman Jones discusses the proposed Police Advisory Board bill.

Several City Council members have been working over the past few weeks to come up with a solution to lower crime rates.

Earlier this month, Councilman Curtis Jones, Jr. along with Councilmembers Maria Quinones-Sanchez, Wilson Goode and Cindy Bass sponsored a bill that encouraged the permanent establishment of the Police Advisory Board.

The bill is not intended to completely change the current structure of the advisory board, but rather give it more independence in the future.

Councilman Jones discussed the proposed Police Advisory Board bill.

When Jones  was asked about the state of the board, he said, “We could make it better.”

One of the main problems that the councilmembers are trying to address is the large backlog of incidents at the Police Advisory Board. The backlogs consist of accused officers who are not getting tried for their actions.

Jones said that he wants to put a stop to complaints and accusations against officers that sit unanswered for years.

Quinones-Sanchez represents the 7th District, where Hunting Park resides. The area is known for its high crime rate, which is another topic the bill will address.

Having a stronger board may allow these communities to put their trust in a sturdier police force by addressing the officer accusations and making police departments more stable.

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