Strawberry Mansion: Mahogany Philly’s ‘No Excuses’ for Failing to Keep Fit]

On the first Saturday of every month, the Mahogany Philly Fitness Club hosts a run/walk event on Kelly Drive.

Mahogany Philly was founded by Jamaica Yancy, who started the organization at the beginning of this year.

The Run/Walk started in front of Lloyd Hall on Kelly Drive.

Mahogany Philly consists of three different clubs, social, book and fitness. The social club’s objective is to help African-American women explore Philadelphia.

The group holds events that include dance classes, casual lunches, weekend trips, parties and more. The book club discovers books and other forms of literature that pertain to women of color. The club meets monthly to discuss each others’ opinions and different themes of a book. There is also food, wine and coffee for the members at the meetings. The fitness club is for women who are interested in exercising and having fun. The club meets every week for walks, light jogs or meetups at the gym.

Mahogany Philly currently does not have any offices.  However, you can become a “Mahogany Mama” by joining on their website at

The organization accepts any ethnicity of women, after recently filing for an anti-discrimination clause. Yancy said, “It doesn’t really matter your ethnicity necessarily, but the idea is to promote the community of color, so if you understand that, then you’re welcome.”

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