Olney: Hundreds of Volunteers Participate in Comcast Cares Day at Olney High

More than 200 volunteers came out this weekend to Olney Charter High School to clean and paint the school’s greenhouse and classrooms, and work on the baseball field.

As part of Comcast’s 11th Annual Comcast Cares Day the company presented ASPIRA Inc. of Pennsylvania, the operating company for Olney Charter High School, a check for $25,000, .

“You’re looking at one of the single largest volunteer efforts in the country,” Comcast Executive Vice President of Operations Dave Watson said. “Kids are going to show up in this school and see the greenhouse and see the renovation and it’s going to make a difference.”

St. Joseph Hawk interacted with volunteers at Olney Charter High School

The company had more than 67,000 volunteers participating in Comcast Cares Day at 650 project sites across the country.

“As a leader from Comcast, today is all about a day we pick to give back,” Comcast Senior Vice President Freedom Region LeAnn Talbot said. “Being a mom, I think there is no greater gift we can give to children than education.”

The students were also in for a surprise as a Philadelphia Eagles player was set to attend the event.

It turned out to be Eagles wide receiver Jason Avant, who took to the microphone and presented a check for $10,000 to ASPIRA Inc. of Pennsylvania.

“Growing up in Chicago we needed a playground to participate in sports,” Avant said. “I’m happy to present this check today for a new track and to aid the physical education program.”

Just last year ASPIRA was named the operating body for Olney East and West High Schools.

“Our kids from this community can be as competitive, if not more so than any other kid in any other part of the city,” Olney Charter High School Principal Jose Lebron said. “Hopefully, all of these efforts and endeavors are going to prove that our kids have the ability to be the best.”

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