West Poplar: Cafe Provides Healthy Alternatives to the Community

Mouzon mixed a tea drink together for a customer.

Amid the busyness of Spring Garden Street lies a tranquil café nudged at the corner of 10th Street. Teaful Bliss provides customers a variety of teas, as well as coffee and healthy food choices made fresh to order in a calm atmosphere.

Owner Jeffrey Mouzon’s love for tea began at an early age as he often observed his mother and grandmother drinking tea. As he got older and traveled more, his fascination with tea grew even more.

“I opened up the cafe to give people a wide range of teas to tea-drinkers and to expose people who never drank tea to all the different blends you can have,” the 30-year-old shop owner said.

The café, modestly decorated with black tables, comfortable leather chairs and its signature orange colored walls, boasts 27 different tea blends that offer a variety of health benefits.

“From tea you get antioxidants,” Mouzon said. “Our Cold Comfort tea helps with cold symptoms and/or sinuses and allergies. Our pu’erh is good for lowering cholesterol.”

High cholesterol and high blood pressure are major risk factors for heart disease, which affects more than 30 percent of African Americans, according to the American Heart Association. Mouzon’s café helps to combat these issues, not only in African Americans but anyone who needs it, by offering healthy alternatives to fried foods, sodas and high fructose syrup juices.

“The African-American community is more in need because we suffer from more of those health elements,” Mouzon said. “Once you get into the process of healthy living and you have a place that is available to you, that’s local and is not super expensive, it aids in better health for the African American community.”

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