Overbrook Park: Teenagers in Charge Provides Positive Growth for Teens

Chanelle Frager led a group discussion to allow new members to introduce themselves.

An ideal Saturday morning for most teenagers likely consists of sleeping late, watching television and possibly catching up on the latest Facebook gossip.  But the members of Teenagers in Charge are not among the average.

Every Saturday morning, these teens meet at Rose Playground on 1300 N. 75th St. for a two-hour weekly session.  During those two hours, the teens discuss different issues going on within their age group including bullying, fighting, gun-violence, teen pregnancy, truancy and drugs.

Chanelle Frager led a group discussion to allow new members to introduce themselves.

Judith Dumorney-McDaniel, executive director and founder of Teenagers in Charge, began this non-profit organization in May 1995. She launched this organization with the hope of instilling encouragement and self-confidence in teens from the ages of 10 through 17.

Dumorney-McDaniel had worked as a social worker in the 90s and witnessed first-hand the negative situations teens find themselves in.

“They were suffering from neglect, abuse and abandonment. They wanted to belong to a gang because they felt some type of association if they belonged to a gang. So what I wanted to do was turn those negative thoughts into something positive,” Dumorney-McDaniel said.

As an Overbrook Park resident, Dumorney-McDaniel explained the lack of youth activities in the area. Although youth sports are available in the area, not all children have an interest in sports.  “This is an opportunity for them to come to a safe place where their voices are heard,” Dumorney-McDaniel said.

Parents and teens gathered to learn more information about Teenagers in Charge.

Teenagers in Charge has 25-30 active participants.

Chanelle Frager, a Mastery High School freshman, is pleased with the positive attributes Teenagers in Charge has provided her with in the past year. “It gives me something to do on Saturdays besides just being on the street. It looks good on college applications.”

Members not only meet every Saturday morning but also participate in volunteering and other positive events throughout the week.  Many of the students involved have the opportunity to receive class credits for their participation as well.


  1. I have a 10yo son who attends TIC on Saturday mornings
    and he enjoys meeting tweens his age also just enjoys
    fun with positive people.

  2. Thanks Danielle to you and your colleague for writing an excellent article on Teenagers In Charge! That are not enough articles written on the positive things that teens are doing or activities that they are involved in but this article sets the stage. It was a pleasure meeting you and we hope to stay in touch so that you are always informed about what we are doing in our community.

  3. I have been a mentor with T.I.C since it started. I learn something new from our teens/tweens every week. I enjoy being a part of the village, it keeps me active informed and young. If you are looking for something positive to do check us out… young and old ..We are just one big happy family.

  4. Danielle and Colleagues:

    I too am very appreciative that you took time to write and inform readers about Teenagers in Charge. I personally am sick of reading about all the negative things that teens are involved in over the weekend. Therefore, it’s good to know that these teens have found some place positive to be on Saturday mornings.

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