Germantown: Woman’s Business Stands Out Among Nearby Competitors

Khadijha Bryant has established her own food business from her front door.

Khadijha Bryant only had a few yams, some chicken and the last of her juice to offer as she got ready to close up her business for the night.

Bryant's (right) food table on Germantown Ave. has become a profitable way for her to work from home.
KhadijhaBryant’s  food table on Germantown Avenue has become a profitable way for her to work from home.

Bryant moved to Germantown two years ago from Northeast Philadelphia with her husband and three kids. For 10 years, she worked out of a friend’s home selling food on the sidewalk. Now, right on the 4900 block of Germantown Avenue, down the street from her Masjid and next door to a man selling Tory Burch knockoffs, she has a thriving business of her own selling homemade food right outside of her door.

However, Bryant is not alone; she faces some nearby competition.

“There is competition, but I make sure to make my food better,” Bryant said with a chuckle.

She raves about her yams, but it’s her special fruit juice drink that is her best-seller as she pours the last bit of the tasty, mystery concoction into a Styrofoam cup for one of her last customers. It is deliciously pink made with peaches, strawberries, apples and watermelon. It sells for two dollars for a large cup.

“I had a full glass jar earlier, but they keep drinking it,” Bryant said. “I need to find a name for it.”

It is Bryant’s nameless juice which has set her apart from the other vendors and a nearby food truck.

Bryant has her regular customers but says she attracts new customers every day which has led to a fruitful business.

“It fluctuates,” Bryant said, “but on a good day, like a Friday, I can get almost $900.”

Even though Friday is her most profitable day, she still is able to make around $150 to $200 a day.

Bryant is open for business every day around noon and closes roughly at 6:00 p.m.

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