University City: Buddhist Meditation Heals at Studio 34

Salena Alberti reflected Buddha's teachings on overcoming attachment.

Seven women and two men sat rigidly still on metal chairs as Salena Alberti, a teacher from the Amitayus Kadampa Buddhist Center, dictated the proper methods of meditation.

“Just allow your mind to rest at the tip of your nostrils,” Alberti said in a pleasant monotone.

Alberti leads a Buddhist mediation class at Studio 34, a yoga and wellness center located on Baltimore Avenue near Clark Park.

This lesson is the first in a series of four, spread out over February, about achieving true love through the teachings of Buddha, which is entitled, Discovering True Love: Overcoming Pain in Relationships.

Alberti’s assistant, Sarah Bly, said she loves the meditation seminars and has been involved in them for over a year.

Salena Alberti reflected Buddha's teachings on overcoming attachment.
Salena Alberti read Buddha’s teachings on overcoming attachment.

The first and last 15 minutes of the class were dedicated to meditation, in which each individual sat incredibly erect with their eyes closed, attempting to do away with the worries of everyday life.

“Every time you have a distracting thought, let it go like a balloon in the wind,” whispered Alberti in a relaxing tone.

Alberti used the rest of the time to instill the values of Buddhist teachings to the topic at hand. For true love to be gained, one must first give up attachment, your desire must be curtailed, she explained. Giving into your desire is like, as Alberti says, “Licking honey off of the razor’s edge.”

Once she completed her meditation, Alberti invited everyone to a Valentine’s Day Love Panel and Dessert Party at Amitayus Kadampa Buddhist Center on February 14th. She urged the crowd to bring their friends and come to enjoy delicious treats and learn more about Buddha’s teachings on love.

After the class ended, each person walked up to Alberti and thanked her for the reflective hour she had given them.

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