Manayunk: Coed Football in the Snow

Liam Wynne drops back to throw an Interception

It was a blustery 34 degrees this weekend at Kendrick Field when Liam Wynne, a director of operations at the Manayunk Sport and Social Club, jogged out to his team on the snow-crusted gridiron. “I’ll be right back,” he said confidently.

Final score 42-0
The final score was 42-0.

He took the snap and fell back a few steps. He looked, he fired and he was intercepted in a play that ended the game in a 42-0 blowout, making his team 0-5 for the season. Wynne was unfazed.

That’s probably because the club’s Saturday coed football league is just as much social as it is sport. “It’s a great league and it’s a great way to meet people,” Wynne said. “People have gotten married who met here.”

After their games every weekend, the players head to The Bayou Bar & Grill, which sponsors Wynne’s team, Going the Distance. The Saturday coed football league, which began in 2001, has six teams of 15 players, but Wynne estimated the number of people who participate in club sports throughout the year is in the thousands.

So how did he feel about that final play? “I don’t care, I’m just here to have fun,” Wynne said. “I’m going to get a beer.”

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