Hunting Park: Scouts Learn Resourcefulness

Pack 4101 meets every Thursday in Hunting Park
Pack 4101 meets every Thursday in Hunting Park
Pack 4101 meets every Thursday in Hunting Park.

What does it mean to be resourceful? Cub Scouts in Pack 4101 know the answer to that question.

Every Thursday at Antonia Pantoja Charter School in Hunting Park, scouts meet to practice the first Cub Scout promise recited at every meeting–“I promise to do my best.”

Carlos Pardo,the  pack leader, started the troop of third-grade, fourth-grade and fifth-grade students three years ago. He said that about 20 boys joined at the beginning of this school year, but half dropped after Christmas.

The dedicated scouts left leaned over desks grouped into fours to write ways that they could be resourceful every day, like saving energy and water. Pardo said their examples were good, but resourcefulness means much more.

“Resourcefulness is accomplishing things with what you have,” Pardo told the scouts.

Although funds may be limited, the troop has a wealth of creativity and heart at their disposal.

The scouts in Pack 4101 are selling coupon books to neighbors and others for $5 each. For every book sold, the troop keeps half of the profits, using the other half to pay back the books. The seven scouts must sell 100 books to raise enough money for the pack to attend Camp Hart in Lancaster over the summer with troops across Pennsylvania.

“We teach them how to be self sufficient,” Pardo explained.

This is the first year the troop is selling coupon books. Last year, two scouts attended summer camp. This year’s goal is to have every scout attend.

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