Hunting Park: Revitalization Efforts Improve Local Businesses

Jur Garcia, of J&M Food Market, relaxes between waves of customers coming in and out of the store.

Hunting Park has been extremely visible in the news recently, but not because of crime like years past. The green space in Hunting Park has been going through revitalization efforts over the past few years in hopes of cleaning up the area, increasing business and improving the quality of life.

Jur Garcia, of J&M Food Market, took a moment to relax between waves of customers coming in and out of the store.

Businesses are benefiting because of the extra media attention as well, noted Jur Garcia of J&M Food Market. He said he has seen a noticeable increase in customers from the past six months. Garcia also mentioned that he feels safer working at the market today than he did six months ago.

“[Business] has been better because it’s a little bit safer because they see that everybody is fixing the park so more people come around and more people want to be in the park,” Garcia said.

The increase in business was easy to see with the constant flow in and out of J&M Food Market on a recent afternoon. The market is located at 1300 W. Lycoming St. and has been around for four years.

Regarding the increase in media presence in the area, Garcia said, “It’s because of you guys it’s OK now. It was a lot more dangerous before.”

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