University City: Gaming Emporium Brings Family Fun

Ben, a frequent vistor, tries out the game Seasons
Ben, a frequent vistor, tries out the game Seasons
Ben, a frequent visitor, tried out the game Seasons.

Redcap’s Corner, a tabletop gaming store located at 3617 Lancaster Ave., provides weekly events for the community to interact.

The two-level shop is a rarity in the city of Philadelphia, with rows of games ranging from the classics to newer editions. A large room in the back is lined with tables and chairs for customers to practice games and form friendships.

Every Tuesday evening from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m., members of the community are invited to join in Board Game Night. With over 50 different games to choose from, each individual is able to pick the one which suites his or her taste.

Adam Friedman, one of the owners, said he started the event three years ago and continues it at the store’s new location.

“We decided we should instill a night where people only play board games. Not even magic cards are allowed,” said Friedman.

Friedman said between 15-40 people gather in the downstairs of the shop, depending on the type of night.

Shawn Bonski, a former partner, said some families bring bags stuffed with games to share with others in attendance.

“I’m here every Tuesday. This is the place to be,” said Hank Smith, a regular at Redcap.

Smith said this is one of the only places within walking distance for entertainment since he no longer has a transit pass.

If gamers are lucky, they will come on a night when demos are being previewed. Friedman said Unpub did its first beta test at Redcap and frequents the shop regularly for people to try new products.

The shop is open seven days a week for victors to stop in and browse the unique selection offered.

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