Technically Philly: Photographers Use Social Media For Self Branding and Engagement

Chaucee Stillman checked her blog's Instagram account for activity.
Neal Santos worked off of two laptops and an iPad to multitask.
Neal Santos worked off of two laptops and an iPad to multitask.

In this new age of technology, it is rare to see someone without his or her thumbs glued to an iPhone or Android device. Much of the world is Online and connected via social media throughout all hours of the day.

With such an abundance of information, news and pictures shared on multiple social media platforms, artists, photographers and journalists are engaging and communicating with followers and audiences. For local Philadelphia photographers and bloggers, these social media platforms are necessary tools to communicate and to brand their work. For others, it is a passion as well.

After examining seven different local Philadelphia photographers and their presence on social media, 100 percent of them have a Twitter handle and four out of seven have an Instagram account. The amount of Twitter followers between all seven photographers total to 82,301 users. The amount of Instagram followers totals to 23,820. See more on the story our partner’s website at


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