Cedar Park: Local Yard Sales Aid buildOn’s Global School Construction Project

Neighbor setting up jewelry dispay for buildOn yard sale.
Neighbor setting up jewelry dispay for buildOn yard sale.
Neighbor setting up jewelry display for the buildOn yard sale.

Traditionally, yard sales are a way to make a quick buck and get rid of unwanted items around the house. And consistent with tradition, the recent event in the 4500 block of Osage Avenue had everything for a shopper looking for a bargain from electronic gadgets to clothes and jewelry.

But this yard sale was far from your typical event to raise extra pocket money.

For the organization buildOn, yard sales and other fundraisers mean an opportunity to help disadvantaged youth to receive an education of their dreams.

Taylor Hendricks, the host of the Osage Avenue yard sale, began her service with buildOn as part of her requirement for certification as a yoga instructor with the Philadelphia based Beyond Asana Yoga. The collaboration of buildOn and Beyond Asana led to Hendricks’ participation in the Global School Construction project.

Shoppers look through yard sale.
Shoppers looked through items available at the yard sale.

Hendricks and her peers are individually working to raise $5,000 to help build a school and hurricane shelter in Nicaragua. Hendricks, who has already held two yard sales and reached out through social media to fundraise, is anticipating traveling to Nicaragua in February of 2014 for the groundbreaking of the project.

“They (buildOn) work for months and months prior to going into each community, making sure they are partnering with the ministries of education and everyone in the community, making sure the community is invested in the project before they even consider going in,” Hendricks said. “That to me is a huge asset to the organization and the work that they do, so I am very excited for the project.”

Different fundraisers, from happy hours to yard sales, have happened through the Philadelphia area to help the Global School Construction project. Although Hendricks has found success in her yard sales receiving donations and raising $1,335, she is unsure of her next fundraising venture.

“I don’t know that we will be doing another yard sale, because they are a lot of work. But I will be doing other events,” she said. “Probably a fundraiser dinner or another way to get out into the community.”

Sign encouraging visitors to rummage through yard sale bargins
A sign at the yard sale encouraging visitors to rummage. through yard sale bargins

After conclusion of her yoga certification, Hendricks plans to continue her participation with buildOn. In addition to the global impact of the organization, buildOn runs after-school service programs with 73 United States high schools in six different regions, including Philadelphia.

The next local buildOn fundraiser, Strike Out Poverty and Illiteracy, will be on June 8 at Philadelphia North Bowl in Northern Liberties.

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