Northeast: Clydesdale Horses Visit FOP Building

Clydesdale horses being directed to FOP building.
Clydesdale horses being directed to FOP building.

Budweiser’s Clydesdale horses were on display at the new Fraternal Order of Police headquarters in the Northeast last week.

This free event was open to residents of all ages. Throughout last week, the Clydesdales attended a number of events in the city, including a parade down Frankford Avenue.

“They offered to come up here and they realized we were the newest establishment in the Northeast,” said FOP president John McNesby. “We have a good partnership with them.”

Not only did people come to see the horses, they also came to see the new building. The attention was exactly why the president agreed to the event.

“It’s more business for us and it brings out the community,” said McNesby.

People lined up outside of the FOP Lounge as the carriage processed by, circled around in the back parking lot and came back to stand for pictures.

The Clydesdales were in the area due to another event hosted by their sponsor. Budweiser sponsored the Made in America concert that took place on the Ben Franklin Parkway.

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