Frankford: Construction conflicts with Memorial Site

Construction 1100 Adams Ave.

A transgender woman was murdered one year ago, on September 3, 2012, in the woods by Adams Avenue in the Frankford section of Northeast Philadelphia.

Today, there are still people searching for answers to the unsolved murder of Kyra Cordova.

A memorial comprised of signs and posters explaining what happened to Cordova, as well as candles and flowers rest along the 1100 block of Adams Avenue. However, that memorial is being threatened by construction taking place on Adams Avenue.

The construction for a school for troubled boys is being completed by a program called The Bridge.

“Bridge provides long and short-term residential programs for adolescents and outpatient counseling for children, adolescents and adults,” said Lulu Francois, a Communications Account Manager at Public Health Management, a corporation that is an affiliate of The Bridge. “Part of their holistic approach is the educational attainment of their residents. Therefore, the new facility will feature space for housing, treatment, and classes among other things.”

According to the Facebook page dedicated to remembering Cordova that is run by her aunt, Rhonda Herold, The Bridge is aware of the memorial for Cordova and will in some way incorporate ‘Kyra’s Garden’ into the construction.

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