Mill Creek: Urban Farm Gives Residents a Healthy Choice

Micaiah Hall harvests tomatoes that are ready to sell.
Micaiah Hall harvests tomatoes that are ready to sell.
Micaiah Hall harvests tomatoes that are ready to sell.

Mill Creek Farm is an educational urban farm that’s dedicated to improving local access to fresh produce, building a healthy community and promoting sustainable food system.

Micaiah Hall, the assistant farm manager, makes sure that the farm, located at 4901 Brown St. in West Philadelphia, produces to demand. He plants the next season’s crops, runs their produce stand twice per week, facilitates instruction for interns and works on fundraising, including events like Friday’s “Weed Dating” night.

During the “Weed Dating” event, patrons pulled out weeds while meeting new people – and maybe even a soulmate. The money raised through the $12 tickets will be used to keep the farm running.

The produce grown at the farm is chemical-free.

“Our produce is impervious to toxins in the environment so our costumers eat healthy every time,” he said.

Hall says that their produce has a longer shelf life than produce you would find at a supermarket because there is no transportation involved. They also sells produce wholesale to the nearby Mariposa Food Co-op as well as other places. Mill Creek Farm sells to the public for the same price as it does to the wholesale retailers.

They are the only stand in the area that accepts Farmers’ Market Nutrition coupons and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits, making it affordable for all.

“They are great for the community and they help us out a lot,” said longtime customer Gregory McClain.


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