Manayunk: 2nd Annual StrEat Food Festival

Nomad's Pizza made fresh pizza at Manayunk's Streat Food Festival.]

Nomad's Pizza made fresh pizza at Manayunk's Streat Food Festival.
Nomad Pizza made fresh pizza at Manayunk’s StrEat Food Festival.

Manayunk’s 2nd annual StrEat Food Festival hit Main Street this past Saturday. Locals and out-of-towners swarmed the streets to satisfy their hunger cravings. It was only the second year the Manayunk Development Corporation hosted the event but the streets were packed with vendors and customers.

Although the event created more business for Main Street store owners, some felt it was downgraded compared to other festivals.

“It’s not fair,” said store owner Nicholas DeLuca of Chloe’s Corner. “They have the event ending at 5 p.m. on a Saturday, which takes away our Saturday night business. South Street’s festival doesn’t end until eight or ten and that’s what they should have done here.”

DeLuca feels that a lot of the business the festival attracts comes later in the day.

“A lot of people have things to do during the day on Saturdays like their kids’ games or parties,” he said. ” They can’t make it out until later.”

Streets began to fill up later in the afternoon last Saturday rather then earlier.

Although the StrEat Food Festival could be improved, according to some, most people enjoyed the day on Main Street.


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