Spruce Hill: “Dreaming Double” Debuts at Green Line Cafe

"Dreaming Double" by photographer Katie Reynolds opened at Green Line Cafe in Spruce Hill.

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Green Line Café recently hosted the opening of “Dreaming Double” by photographer Katie Reynolds. The series of double exposure photographs was captured around Philadelphia. Friends came out in support to the 43rd Street and Baltimore Avenue location last Friday evening to see the collection on display.

“I’d go around to places that fascinated me and try to capture two worlds in one image,” said Reynolds, an elementary school art teacher working in Delaware.

Since she recently moved to West Philadelphia, she often takes pictures with friends and fellow photographers around the city.

The series’ layered photos highlight pockets of nature and industrialization in the city.

“Feels like you’re half-awake, half-asleep,” she said. “You’re not sure where you are or what you’re looking at. You have to really look deeper to figure it out.”

A double exposure image is made on film by opening the camera’s shutter multiple times for the same frame, superimposing different images onto the same film for a ghostly, layered effect.

Reynolds used a Nikon FE2, with a Sigma Filtermatic 16mm fisheye lens, or as Reynolds called it, “my dreaming double dream lens. I can’t get enough of it.”

Reynolds also used a vignette lens hood for many of the photos.

“I like to incorporate the circle, kind of like you’re peering into somebody else’s world,” she said.

“Some of these picture were taken in my apartment at the time and in the backyard,” Dan Blacksberg said. “So I’m super into it!”

“What interests me about it is that I can’t make sense of it to begin with,” said Paul Gargagliano, also a photographer.

Reynolds lends her photographs to albums and promotional materials for some local musicians, including Nick Millevoi’s solo album Black Figure of a Bird. Millevoi and collaborator Jesse Kudler, together as Mill-Ler, gave the opening an improvised soundtrack of layered sounds.

See the complete collection on Reynolds’s work on her website.

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