Fox Chase: Neighborhood Yard Sale Creates Family Ties

Shannon Carson sat and waited for passer-goers to stop by the yard sale.
Neighborhood residents stopped by Cioccia's yard sale on their walks home.
Neighborhood residents stopped by Cioccia’s yard sale on their walks home.
Cioccia's yard sale started at 7 a.m. and ended at 4 p.m.
Cioccia’s yard sale started at 7 a.m. and ended at 4 p.m.

Yard sales don’t require a yard anymore. In fact, they may not even require a house.

Meet Patricia Cioccia. She’s a resident of Frankford but she’s no stranger to the folks in Fox Chase. Cioccia can be found every weekend holding a large yard sale near the 700-block of Rhawn Street.

“We’re just out here trying to make a little bit of money,” said Cioccia. “You all need money, right?”

Between Cioccia’s girlfriend and her own household, she has collected more than enough items to sell every Saturday and Sunday. Devoting nearly 7 hours per day each weekend, Cioccia’s yard sales launched this past summer and have been going strong ever since.

“My stuff is all reasonably cheap, maybe 50 cents or a few dollars,” she said. “Nobody complains.”

Gaining funds for her large family is just one of the inspirations behind Cioccia’s weekly yard sales. A mom of six and grandmother of nine, she has met even more people from her yard sales that she now considers family.

People like Shannon Carson. A Mississippi native, Carson barely knew anyone aside from her children before meeting Patricia.

“I’m not a Philly resident, but I’ve met a lot of people since I moved here.” Gleamed Carson. “Her girlfriend is like a second mom to me.”

Cioccia has only cancelled a yard sale due to poor weather conditions.

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