Roxborough: Wendy’s and The Future Of The Community

Many people enjoy the businesses on Ridge Ave.

Ridge Avenue in the Roxborough section of Philadelphia is booming with commercial businesses. Many famous corporations have been expanding their operations throughout the area. One company in particular has stirred up quite a controversy among the locals.

A fenced in empty lot at Roxborough and Ridge Avenues awaits a new Wendy's.
An empty lot at Roxborough and Ridge avenues, the site of a proposed Wendy’s.

A potential business opportunity for Wendy’s at Ridge and Roxborough avenues has been the hot topic around town. While many neighbors are for the fast-food corporation moving to the area, others are concerned with some issues it may bring to the community.

While Wendy’s proposed to create more than 50 jobs and pay thousands of dollars in taxes to the city, some residents believe the empty lot could be put to better use.

The issue is so sensitive that many people will not speak about the new developments, including executive director of the Roxborough Development Corporation Bernard Guet.

A Zoning Board of Adjustment hearing was to be held last month but the board was unable to get through all of the statements. Wendy’s has the proper permits to build and operate except for a permit to operate a drive-thru window. The hearing will continue on January 8.

For more information about the Wendy’s in Roxborough click here. Find the anti-Wendy’s group here.

Locals enjoyed the coffee shop, Crossroads on Ridge Ave.
Locals enjoyed the coffee shop, Crossroads, on Ridge Avenue.


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  1. Forgive me if I’m missing the connection, but what does the photo of Crossroads have to do with Wendy’s in Roxborough?

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