Juniata Park/Feltonville: Save a Life with the ACCT

The Animal Care & Control Team of Philadelphia, also known as the ACCT, is located between Second and Front streets. It welcomes stray animals and the help of volunteers, as well as donations to help save lives and make a difference.

Susan Cosby, the executive director of Animal Care and Control Team, spoke about the organization and helping animals. With each year, ACCT receives about 30,000 animals. Approximately 20,000 of the animals are cats. As for dogs, about 10,000 are received per year.  The ACCT also receives many other types of animals.

“ The other types of animals we may receive may be rabbits, Guiana pigs, hamsters and chickens,” said Cosby. “Yes, chickens.”

Many of the animals at the ACCT are playful. When they are not being exercised or fed, they are sleeping.
Many of the animals at the ACCT are playful. When they are not being exercised or fed, they are sleeping.

ACCT Philly is a nonprofit organization created by the city for the city. It is always accepting donations from the public, which are tax deductible.

“Some donations are used for Life Saving Organization to help save the homeless animals,” said Cosby.

Some of the items the ACCT needs to help the animals are towels, blankets, detergents, canned and dry foods, toys and crates. Many other items are listed on the ACCT wish list.

“Dogs are exercised everyday and require stimulation while in the kennels,” said Ame Dorminy, the communications/development specialist. “To stimulate the dogs, we use the Kong toys. We stuff the toys with treats or peanut butter.”

The ACCT looks to provide homes for all their pets as well as foster parents until pets become adopted. The ACCT also specializes in providing safe and healthy environments for the animals whether in foster care or in adopted families. The ACCT’s adoptions office talks to those interested in adopting.

The ACCT receives many cats. Check out what promotions the ACCT offers on adoptable cats.
The ACCT receives many cats. There are many offers on adoptable cats available.

The ACCT offers a couple of different cat rooms with kittens and adult cats available for adoption. The cat’s cages are cleaned everyday by staff and volunteers.

“About two-thirds of the animals we see are cats and in the summer we receive more than in the winter,” said Dorminy. “Many of the cats we receive are domestic short air cats.”

The ACCT welcomes those who are interested in adoption to come visits the facility and engage with adoptable pets.
The ACCT welcomes those interested in adoption to visit the facility and engage with adoptable pets.

The ACCT strives to help animals find a better home and always accepts homeless animals. The animals are cared for in a clean environment and loved by the staff. The ACCT does as much as it can to promote their services as well as making the community aware the ACCT exists. The ACCT website features pets page lists the pets ready for their new home. If you’re looking to make a difference in the community with the ACCT, you can do so by volunteering, adopting or donations.


Text, images and video by Danielle N. Alvarez.

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