Mantua: Five Churches to Know

Here is a list of five out of several well-established churches in the Mantua community.

The motto of First United Baptist Church (above) is “Keep this Church Alive.” The pastor-teacher is longtime Bishop Samuel Adkins, who has held the position for over 20 years.


St. Jude Baptist Church on 38th and Wallace St.

The St. Jude Baptist Church sits at 38th and Wallace streets. The pastor is the Rev. Cleveland Edwards, an active member of the NAACP and the son of the founder. The church was established in 1948.



The Transfiguration Baptist Church was founded on May 28, 1959, in the living room of the Rev. Prentice H. Smith at 425 N. Budd St. Smith served as the founder and the pastor for over 40 years until his passing in April 2000. As of 2010,  the Rev. Charles L. McNeil Sr. has been serving as the church’s fourth pastor.


The New Bethlehem Baptist Church on 4036 Aspen Street.

The New Bethlehem Baptist Church was established in 1916. The church’s pastor emeritus, the Rev. James Scott, passed away at the age of 83 in 1993. He preached his first sermon at the pulpit at the age of 16.


The New Vision Worship Center Church of God on 651 North 40th Street

The New Vision Worship Center Church of God has been in operation for over 42 years. The church is a nonprofit organization.

– Text and images by Naveed Ahsan 

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