South Philly: Five Places to Satisfy Any Meal of the Day

South Philly hosts a number of good eateries that are worth trying out, and the further south you, go the more food gems you’ll find. Whether you’re trying to get some breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even just a snack, there are more than a handful of good choices to sate your appetite no matter what time of the day it is.


If you’re looking for a juicery in South Philly, seek out Fuel (pictured above). Sometimes people just want something to hold them over until dinner, and you can get that with one of Fuel’s healthy beverages. Fuel also has lunch meals—including salads, paninis and rice bowls—so if that drink didn’t fill you up, then feel free to get a sandwich.

Green Eggs Cafe

green eggs

For breakfast, you have the Green Eggs Café. This is one of three locations in Philly, the other two being in Northern Liberties and Midtown Village. Noon is the busiest time for this cafe, leaving the choice up to you whether to partake of the breakfast or lunch menu. Unfortunately for Dr. Seuss fans, they don’t serve actual green eggs and ham. However, they do have a huge variety of different egg meals!

Chhaya Café

chhaya cafe

Whether you’re simply looking for another breakfast option or you want to eat something later in the day, Chhaya Café’s menu includes a brunch, lunch and coffee selection.



Another juicery option is Bambū, a beverage shop that specializes in Asian beverages from bubble tea to chè, a Vietnamese dessert soup. The place sits in a shopping plaza just off of Washington Avenue, which may be a dream come true for drivers since it has a parking lot. Bambū’s wide variety is for people who can never decide on what they want and for people who are interested in trying out new things.



Though it is open for lunch, Noir’s setup caters to the dinner crowd more. This restaurant has a nicely arranged dining area to eat, which is a good distance away from the bar, creating two different sides to this place.

– Text and images by Amber Clay and Abigail Durey

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