Spruce Hill: Five Local Ethnic And Minority-Owned Businesses


The Spruce Hill neighborhood of West Philadelphia is known for its cultural diversity and variety of great food. These five ethnic and minority-owned businesses in Spruce Hill are providing the local community with affordable food ingredients and goods.

Produce Truck

Spruce Hill residents do not have to travel far to get a wide variety of fresh produce. The produce truck (photographed above), regularly parked at 44th and Walnut streets, provides fresh produce like bananas, oranges and lettuce everyday.

Stocked daily with fruits and vegetables, the produce truck has become a landmark in Spruce Hill, attracting crowds of people, from college students to immigrants.

“This is a very diverse neighborhood,” said Malik Sidibe, an employee and son of the owner. “We are like one big family.”

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International Food and Spices

International Food and Spices, located at 4203 Walnut St., is an Indian and Pakistani grocery. From Bollywood DVDs to large bags of basmati rice, customers can find an array of ethnic products and food ingredients.

The grocery draws in diverse customers who are in search of imported Indian delicacies.

“It is exciting to meet a lot of multicultural clients,” said employee Paul Singh said.



Falafel, located at 4403 Chestnut St., is a Middle Eastern and Halal restaurant. Falafel is one of the many ethnic restaurants in Spruce Hill that cater to dietary preferences of Middle Eastern immigrants.

Employee Samar Kessem said, “There’s an African restaurant next door, a Pakistani restaurant down the street. There is a large variety of places around here that attract foreigners.”


Makkah Market

Makkah Market, located at 4249 Walnut St., is a 24/7 Middle Eastern grocery that provides everything from Halal meats to books.

Makkah Market offers customers with a Halal butcher shop, Islamic bookstore, Middle Eastern apparel shop, and a cafeteria.


Pho & Café Saigon

Pho & Café Saigon is a spacious Vietnamese restaurant located at 4248 Spruce St. This Vietnamese restaurant provides a space for Spruce Hill residents to experience South Asian food in a great atmosphere.

– Text and images by Mariama Taifa-Seitu.

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