Point Breeze: This Week In The News – Brick Thrown Through A Window, Flowers Stolen From Front Of Woman’s Home

In case you missed it, we found a few places where people were talking about things happening in Point Breeze:

Woman Gets Brick Thrown Through Window: Point Breeze resident Lisha Davis reported on Thursday, August 10 that a man posing as a construction worker threw a brick through her window one night earlier. According to Davis, neighbors have seen the man loitering in the neighborhood before. (via Facebook group, “The Bold and the Breezy”)

Resident Voices Concern Over Stolen Property: Point Breeze resident Amanda Golasa took to Point Breeze neighborhood Facebook group “The Bold and the Breezy” to take out her frustration over the theft of a basket of flowers from in front of her house on Bonsall Street. (via Facebook group, “The Bold and the Breezy”)


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