Fishtown: Festivale Brings Community Out in Support of Local Businesses

The Fishtown Festivale, held Saturday, June 8, billed itself as a place for old and young to have a great time with family and friends. The event featured food, beverages, clothes, art, street performances and more.

The event, organized by Fishtown Co, a community organization focused on supporting Fishtown businesses, featured several DJ booths across three blocks and adjacent side streets filled with vendors.

“My favorite part is drinking beers,” said Mike Sessa, holding a craft brew.

The Festivale ran on Frankford Avenue between Girard Avenue and Oxford Street. Along the road, shops like Joe’s Steaks set up shop outside their building to showcase their food.

Joe’s Steaks employee pours melted cheese onto french fries.

“I think the festivale is a great idea, it brings a lot of people into the neighborhood,” said Aaron Rabowski, who was taking his nephew to the Kid’s Corner, a space where organizers set up children’s activities. “This is also fun for the kids. It’s good for them to get out and interact with other kids. I feel like this is a great thing and that it should happen more often.”

Play Art employee helps children create crafts.

The event has taken place annually for the last eight years, usually the first weekend in June.  

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