Podcast: Fighting Trash in Germantown

Trash is a problem in many parts of Philadelphia and something many find hard to avoid thinking about. In this podcast we look at how trash has affected people in Germantown and how neighbors are dealing with it.

Germantown residents Amy Bryant and Richard Brown have both taken steps to fight trash on their streets. We also spoke with Deputy Commissioner Keith Warren of the Philadelphia Streets Department for some perspective on Philadelphia’s relationship with trash as a whole and broader steps the city is taking to deal with the problem. Germantown is a complex neighborhood with many impassioned neighbors working toward what they believe is the best way to keep their streets clean.

Written, produced and photo credit: Max Klemmer 
Podcast music credit: End of Schwindel (ID 352) by KieLoKaz is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 License

Philadelphia Neighbors is a podcast series highlighting the experiences of the city’s many neighbors and neighborhoods. It is a collaboration between Temple’s Klein College and WHYY public radio.

Christopher Malo
Editor: PhiladelphiaNeighborhoods.com

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