South of South Street: Residents Talk Trash On The Lack Of Trash Cans

As new solar-powered trash cans replace the old wire ones in the Graduate Hospital area, residents continue to complain about the scarcity of places to throw out their waste while on-the-go.

The new cans are by BigBelly Solar, and there are four within the Graduate Hospital area so far. They differ from the average trash can by allowing customers to determine when they need to be emptied via any computer or smartphone. The goal is to save valuable resources like time and fuel.

The problem is that the receptacles are often filled to the brim.

“Between the one on Christian Street and the one on the corner of Catherine and 17th St., I usually have to place my trash on top of the can. How’s that for a smart can?” said Graduate Hospital resident Sam Dominguez.

SOSNA has set a goal called Big Belly Campaign to add two more of the solar-powered receptacles within the South of South Street area. The campaign is in its third and final phase.

“I think it’s cool the wire cans are getting replaced, but the problem is more than that,” said resident Lin Han, “I watched a guy throw his coffee cup in the street today because there was no where in sight to dispose of it.”

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