Rhawnhurst: Church Offers Online Easter Services as Source of Hope

Many worshippers are attending church services online this year amid the coronavirus pandemic, leading to unusual Easter celebrations.

Easter Sunday is considered one of the holiest days of the year in Christianity. Rhawnhurst Presbyterian Church is one church that chose to stream its services on Easter.

Church pastor Khurshid Sharif said after 40 days of lent, Christians believe Easter is a sign of hope. He said the holiday could not have fallen on a better time this year. 

“We are not just holding onto hope,” Sharif said. “We are living hope. We are lifting up our belief of Jesus risen from dead and we are experiencing it in new ways.”

Sharif said while it is very difficult time for everyone, he appreciates how technology can connect people. His church is regularly holding services through Facebook Live.

Rhawnhurst Elder Bruce Jacob said he believes that while many miss attending services in their church, watching services live on Facebook has been a comfort during these difficult times.

“We need to give a sense of comfort and unity to each other,” Jacob said. “I’m really happy of the way that our church has been reaching out in a safe way.”

Wilson Khan, Rhawnhurst’s church secretary, said Easter Sunday is normally a time when many people gather at church services. But this year, celebrations are different. The building may be locked up, but the church is not closed.

“If you are not able to shake someone’s hand, make a phone call and tell them they are in your thoughts,” Khan said. “If you are able to embrace somebody because of limitations of the situation that we are in, pray for them.” 

Text and image by Cynthia Sardar.

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Christopher Malo
Editor: PhiladelphiaNeighborhoods.com

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