Wynnefield: Encouraged by Online Fans, Two Friends Created Hood Healers Yoga

The West Philly yoga studio offers yogi Sundays and free classes for those 12 and under.

After lots of brainstorming and a year spent hosting yoga sessions outside and sharing images on Instagram, friends Alisha Edwards and Azia Henry decided to bring their yoga studio, Hood Healers, to life. 

Many of their social media followers were encouraging them to start their businesses and teach others. 

“We want to heal the hood and I was like, healers…” Henry said about coming up with the name. “I didn’t really think much of it but just wrote it down.” 

A group of regular students pose after a successful Sunday class. (Taylor Carmichael/PN).

Now the duo hosts Yogi Sunday for all ages and skill levels. Each class is soundtracked by a theme artists. Classes have featured music from Drake, Kayne, Aaliyah, and others. 

Adults are required to pay $10 to get in while the kids twelve and under can take the classes for free.

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