Hunting Park: Lenfest Center Deepens Commitment to Neighborhood With New Strategic Plan

The Lenfest Center in Hunting Park, also known as North 10 due to it’s address at 3890 N. 10th St., has been a key community resource in North Philly, offering trainings and programs for children, families, and working adults. The center is currently in the middle of developing and revising it’s neighborhood strategic plan in order to better serve the surrounding neighborhood.

“We’ve looked at how to engage effectively with the residents and learn what they want from their neighborhood before we make up a plan for how our organization will support,” Latesha Sims Beasley, chief of staff at North10, said.

Chase Lenfest saw a need for services and training for underserved communities in Philadelphia and started the Lenfest center in 2008 as way to serve North Philadelphia.

“I was on the board of Police Athletic League and Squashsmarts,” Lenfest said.

These experiences helped him see the impact a welcoming community center can have on a neighborhood. Staff and volunteers said their own work is often driven by a commitment to the neighborhood.

“Some of the most vital points in my life had to do with this neighborhood,” Stephanie Gibbons Jackon, a resident adviser at North10, said. “Being more open to change, this type of platform helped me to do that.”

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