Queen Village: Used Book Store Offers More Than Books

A view of the Mostly Books storefront.
A view of the Mostly Books storefront.

Mostly Books, located at 529 Bainbridge St., is not your average used book store. Although it’s mostly books, hence the name, it also carries many other unique items.

The store offers used CDs, artwork, personal photographs, DVDs, tapes and books on almost every subject. Mostly Books may look small from the outside, but once inside the store is large and has a huge selection.

Joe Russakoff, owner of the store, said, “It’s set up so that people can kind of get lost in their own heads and people do get lost back here for hours on end.”

Gordon Riechart, who lives in New York, has been to the store twice in the last year while visiting Philadelphia. “Both times I was basically just thrift shopping and this is like the great center of thrift.”

Owner Joe Russakoff stands next to a box of photos.

One of the most popular items in the store are the vintage personal photos. Some of the photos are on display in the front of the store and some are in a large chest in the back that customers can dig through. Russakoff said he believes it’s the mystery behind the people in the photos that makes them so interesting. Filled with rare items in a slightly unorganized setting, this store is a great discovery for the adventurous shopper.

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