Fishtown: Mild Winter Means More Business for Local Car Wash

Kalid Aldemeh stands next to a mural displaying his car wash's name along Frankford Avenue.
Kalid Aldemeh showed off a mural displaying his car wash's name along Frankford Avenue.

Thanks to this year’s mild winter, there have been more suds flowing at one Fishtown car wash.

At New City Car Wash, located at the intersection of Frankford Avenue and Norris Street, owner Kalid Aldemeh said he doesn’t mind the recent warm temperatures and lack of snow.

“When the weather’s better, we do more business,” he said with a smile.

Aldemeh said his car wash and detail center has been on the same corner for the past 17 years. His location is open seven days a week, but does its best business on the weekends, especially on days when the weather is perfect.

“If it’s raining, we might do two cars, but if it’s not, it might be up to 100 cars, ” he said.

A clean car exited the wash bay at New City Car Wash.

After nearly two decades in the neighborhood, Aldemeh said he’s noticed the cars moving through his wash aren’t the only things being cleaned up.

“[Fishtown] is cleaner,” Aldemeh said. “It’s getting better and it’s changing because different people and businesses are moving in.”

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