Fishtown: The Rocket Cat Cafe and its Crazy Name

Employee Jessie Moore stands in front of the menu at Rocket Cat Cafe.
Employee Jessie Moore stands in front of the menu at Rocket Cat Cafe.

The Rocket Cat Cafe has been serving locals for eight years in Fishtown. The restaurant located on Frankford Avenue caters to all including vegetarians and vegans.

The cafe does have an interesting name. Owner Karen Breese talked about how she came up with the unique name. “When we first bought the building, there were probably 30 cats in the backyard,” she said. “It was crazy, you walked into the backyard and they were everywhere. They were flying around, like tiny little crazy rockets.”

The backyard is open to the public in the summer. Just don’t expect there to be any cats around anymore.

Some of the specials include the Thai iced coffee, which is very popular in the summertime, according to employee Jessie Moore. The Rocket Cat Cafe also specializes in a vegan tofu-burrito.

The Rocket Cat Cafe is located at 2001 Frankford Ave. in Fishtown.

“We are moving towards being as locally based as possible. We want to buy locally. The emphasis on supporting your own community is important,” Breese said.

The Rocket Cat Cafe is open seven days a week. It also holds art exhibits on the first Friday of each month and has craft sales twice a year.

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