Mantua: Family-Owned Tea House Brings Sense of Community to Neighborhood

Customers enjoy coffee at Reed's Coffee and Tea House on Lancaster Avenue in Mantua

When Kathleen and George Reed opened Reed’s Coffee and Tea House at 3802 Lancaster Ave. 11 months ago, they were unsure about how successful they would be in operating a business for the first time in their lives.

“I thought we had bitten off more than we could chew,” Kathleen said.

Yet, since they opened their doors to the public for the first time last spring, the response they have received has been overwhelming.

Customers enjoy coffee at Reed's Coffee and Tea House on Lancaster Avenue in Mantua
Customers enjoy coffee at Reed’s Coffee and Tea House on Lancaster Avenue in Mantua

“Our motto is that this is a tea and coffee shop of all kinds,” she said. “There is not one particular set of people that come in here… not black, not white, not green. This is a shop for all kinds of people. Whoever wants to come in here is more than welcome.”

While business was difficult in the beginning, they now have dedicated customers who come in to enjoy the baked goods they have to offer.

“The good Lord has blessed us,” she said. “More and more people have found out about us and they keep coming back.”

While customer Joanna Rogers believes all the baked goods are delicious, one sticks out in particular.”

“The Saturday waffle special is by far the best,” Rogers said. “I come in here on as many occasions as I can to have their homemade waffles because they’re much better than anything I could ever attempt to make.”

Rogers believes the Reed’s family approach is what has made the business successful.

“There’s a real sense of community in here,” she said. “They know every customer’s name; it feels like home.”

“Someone told me they call this place ‘Cheers’,” Reed said with a laugh as she referenced the popular TV show.

As for the future, Reed is hopeful they will continue to be a staple in the small West Philadelphia community.

“We’ve been so fortunate,” she said. “The people here in Mantua are great.”


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