Center City: Eco-Friendly Laundry Service On Wheels

WCLbikersThe city’s first eco-friendly laundry service prides itself on their mission to deliver fresh linens and clothing in a sustainable manner.

Putting the pedal to the pavement, Wash Cycle Laundry conducts all of its services on bicycle, generating zero fossil fuel emissions. Additionally, the business also operates using the most energy-efficient washing machine models available.

“We’re a mobile laundry service,” said Leanne Sharkey, Wash Cycle Laundry’s brand ambassador. “We will come to your house to pick up your dirty laundry on a bike. We wash it with all organic soap and bring it back to your door within 24 hours.”

WCLmachineApart from the company’s commitment to creating a healthier natural environment for the city of Philadelphia and beyond, Wash Cycle Laundry is devoted to this mission of sustainability through the employment of local residents who are a part of welfare-to-work programs. Partnered with additional regional organizations, such as Gearing Up and Philadelphia Works, the business is dedicated to providing fellow Philadelphians with a means of confidence through a flourishing employment opportunity.

“We’re providing a social good with our hiring practices,” stated Jennifer Hombach, the company’s sales representative.

Four years after its start in 2010, Wash Cycle Laundry has grown from an eight-person staff has now to more than 30 employees.

WCLoutdoorThe business has recently hired a new marketing director and is in the process of completing a company re-brand. With these changes, Hombach hopes that the number of local customers will continue to soar.

“We run in all weather,” said Hombach. “Our owner is super committed to proving that bicycles are viable in all weather. We operate everyday.”

“This city is yours,” said Mine Serizawa, a cyclist for Wash Cycle Laundry. “You see everything that happens and that’s one of the best parts of this job.”]

– Text, images and video by Caitlin Cowan

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