Juniata Park and Feltonville: Five Places to Know

Fairhill, Juniata Park and Feltonville are located in North Philadelphia. These neighborhoods have and continue to carry on the traditions and lifestyles of many Hispanics, African-Americans and other ethnicities through multiple generations. The streets are painted with vibrant colors. The air carries the sounds of Latin tunes in the area. For any passerby or newly resident, these Five Places you Need to Know touch on the history and life offered on the streets of these adjoining neighborhoods.

St. Christopher’s Hospital

St. Christopher’s Hospital (pictured above) serves not just the local community in which it is located, but also the surrounding neighborhoods and counties of our entire region. St. Christopher’s specializes in the care for children and has done so for many years. It also facilitates various programs and is involved with community outreach programs which are of great significance to residents and participants.


Cousin’s Supermarket

Juniata Park, Feltonville and Fairhill are considered by many as the center of our Latin community, so it may not come as a surprise to find that there are many supermarkets dedicated to this demographic. Cousin’s Supermarket serves the neighborhoods with two locations, one location is on N. 5th Street close to Rising Sun and the second rests in between Diamond Street and Cecil B. Moore Avenue.


Timothy Academy

Timothy Academy, a private Christian school, located on 2637 N. 4th St., provides the children of Philadelphia an education, aiming to create Christian leaders.  Timothy Academy, a religious school, serves many of the African-American and Hispanics of the area.


Fairhill Square

Fairhill Square is a community park resting in-between W. Lehigh Avenue and W. Huntingdon Street. The square is filled with structures and a playground for the children and the community to come out and enjoy. Fairhill Square holds events and gatherings to unite the community.  Fairhill Square is not far from American Street and 5th Street.


24th /25th Police District

District Headquarters are located on 3901 Whitaker Ave., a few blocks north of St. Christopher’s Hospital. Captain Frank Vanore is the District Leadership of the 25th district.

 – Text and images by Danielle Alvarez and Leslie Smith.

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