Amateur Sports: Five Places To Stay In Shape No Matter Your Schedule

While people tend to correlate a daily gym routine as tedious and lackluster, many Philadelphian’s choose to spruce up their regime with an extensive number of unconventional and innovative ways. So take a break from the treadmill and weight machines and experience unique ways to stay fit.

Philly Pumptrack 53rd Street and Parkside Avenue

Pumptracks are one of the fastest-growing attractions in biking and the Philadelphia Pumptrack project has launched the city’s first ever public pumptrack. There are two tracks shaped in oblong figure eights with varying degrees of difficulty.

The track is open seven days a week  but the harder track is only open to those who have successfully completed the easier course. Bike rentals are available and the track provides an opportunity to learn how to mountain bike like no other place in Philadelphia.

Brent climbs one of Go Vertical's many rock faces.
A climber on one of Go Vertical’s many rock faces.

Go Vertical Indoor Rock Climbing 950 N. Penn Street

Go Vertical is Philadelphia’s only indoor rock climbing gym, open seven days per week. Climbing walls go up to 50 feet and classes are available depending on your expertise. Twenty more routes are added each week and the experience can be enjoyed at a cost under $20.

Dan O'Hara makes a diving catch while playing Ultimate Frisbee.
Dan O’Hara attempts a diving catch while playing Ultimate Frisbee.

Ultimate Frisbee League Pastorious Park

“There are not many places for anyone just to show up and play Frisbee,” said experienced Frisbee player Dan O’Hara. “Here at Pastorious Park, we do just that all the time.”

The league meets on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evenings, but players meet everyday to simply play catch. The league is actively seeking new members, and the low-impact sport appeals to many athletes recently recovering from injuries.

“I first found Frisbee after tearing up my knee pretty bad,” said O’Hara. “It was how I got comfortable playing sports again and I have not stopped playing since.”


Certified yoga instructor Laura Prior strikes a pose while relieving stress.
Certified yoga instructor Laura Prior strikes a pose while relieving stress.

Grace and Glory Yoga Front and Oxford streets

Grace and Glory Yoga offers a unique perspective on yoga by conducting every class in blaring heat. Along with classes, the program offers a teacher training program as well. Classes are held as early as 5:45 a.m. and as late as 8:00 p.m. every day and are taught within communities to encourage participant interaction.

Steve Tierney awaits a pitch  during a pick-up Softball game in Roxborough.
Steve Tierney awaits a pitch during a pick-up Softball game in Roxborough.

 Competition Softball 6839 Henry Avenue

Every Monday in Roxborough the umpire’s cry of play ball can be heard.

“After work on a Monday, there is no better place for me to come and get a work out while enjoying one of my favorite sports,” said coordinator and team captain Steve Tierney. “I looked forever to find a league that I could play softball in the city and now I get to play every week.”

Anyone is welcome to join and participation is encouraged. Also, the fields are open all days of the week if you are unable to play on Monday nights.

Text and images by Jake Cleary and Vicki Kistler. 



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