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Paddy Whacks sign
Andrew Molnar, Co-founder of
Andrew Molnar, co-founder of

Free beer! That’s the promise at

It is not your typical social networking site. Similar to the other sites, users sign up for free with a valid e-mail address and are then provided with their own profiles where they can add friends and leave comments. Despite those similarities, there is one key aspect that distinguishes Bar-Now from its competitors: the chance to win free beer at local bars and restaurants.

Andrew Molnar, 26, a Philadelphia native, who now resides in Glen Mills, Pa., is the creator and co-founder of the site. The other co-founders are his brothers, Todd Molnar, 24, and Brad Molnar, 27, and his previous college roommate, Brian Bernstein, 26. Andrew and Brian both attended the University of Delaware and majored in computer and information sciences.

“I was lying in bed one night thinking about how we could get returning users to the site, and then it hit me: Quizzo,” Andrew said. “It would be a way to ensure that we weren’t just another yellow pages listing bars. We actually had a way to get people from the Web site to a bar.”

Quiz-Now, Bar-Now’s version of Quizzo, is a free online trivia game that was added last October to the site. The Quiz-Now questions were created by all of the founders and they range from, “What is the capital of Hawaii?” to
“In what year was Jena Jameson born?”

The program selects a random question from the list every week and makes sure that a bar never has the same question twice. Potential customers can find bars to choose from in their local areas by using the “bar search” tool. By being the first to answer a trivia question correctly, users win free beer or other prizes at their chosen bar.

For the states where it is illegal for establishments to give out free alcohol, those bars give out free food, free admittance or gift certificates instead. Users need to print out their certificate in order to claim their prizes. The same certificate is e-mailed to the designated bar for verification. If users answer the question incorrectly, they have multiple chances to get it right unless someone else gets it right before them.

Paddy Whacks sign
Paddy Whacks

In the Philadelphia region, Paddy Whacks is the only bar that participates in the Quiz-Now program. There are three locations where users can redeem their prizes: 150 South St., 2711 Comly Road and 9241-43 Roosevelt Blvd. There are 39 other bars listed in the following Philadelphia neighborhoods: Center City, Manayunk, Northeast, Old City, Rittenhouse Square, South Street and Waterfront. For each bar listed, the site provides informative facts such as dress codes, price ranges, cover charges, wait times, types of food served and the average age group of customers. The bars’ contact information, hours of operation, daily specials and customer reviews can also be accessed from the site.

If your favorite bar is not signed up for Quiz-Now, you still have the opportunity to “bar-dash.” Bar-dash is the term used to describe an event invitation. Users create a name for the outing, include the name of the bar, a beginning and end time, and a description of the event. Upon completion of that information, users can proceed to invite their friends to their specified “bar-dash.”

There is a section of the site called “B.U.I.” which stands for “Bar-Now Under the Influence.” While it is still under construction, there are operating links for bar-now drink recipes, drinking games and “Bar-Now’s Lame Guide to Bartending,” for users who want to learn how to mix drinks like a real bartender.

“We want this site to be fun and we want to get people off of their couch and into the world,” Bernstein said. “With Quiz-Now, they only have one week to redeem their gift certificates, and we hope that that is the catalyst to get them off of their computer and into their local community.”

With, users not only have the opportunity to find new bars and set up outings with friends, they also can attempt to win free beer or many other prizes just in time for the weekend. View the website.


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