By Jen Klimowicz and Saleem Ahmed

Northeast: All Giggles in Mayfair this Valentine’s Day

Northeast: All Giggles in Mayfair this Valentine’s Day
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Rosemary Veneziale, owner of Giggle's Gifts, shares a story about last-minute Valentine's Day shoppers.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and the aisles of Giggles Gifts in Mayfair are overflowing with pink and red.

Candy, stuffed animals and jewelry are the most popular Valentine’s Day gifts at the store, said Rosemary Veneziale. She owns the gift shop on Frankford and Bleigh avenues with her husband Joe. The store also sells greeting cards, candles, wrapping paper, dolls, Lenox and picture frames.

Browsing the shop for 10 minutes or so, we only encountered one other customer. But don’t worry about all those adorable stuffed bears not finding a home this year. Veneziale said with Valentine’s Day, it’s all about the last minute shopping. The store gets most of its Valentine’s business in the two days before the holiday.

Veneziale said panicked guys come in Feb. 13, asking, “Do you have any wife cards left?” Since the Veneziale’s keep two aisles stocked with greeting cards, this year’s procrastinators have nothing to worry about.

Rosemary Veneziale, right, helps a customer choose a gift.

Although Valentine’s Day boosts business for the store, Christmas is hands-down their busiest holiday, Veneziale said.

“Valentine’s Day is busy, but on Christmas eve, you can’t even breathe in here,” she said.

The Veneziales have been doing business on Frankford Avenue for 28 years. They said Mother’s Day is the second busiest, followed by St. Patrick’s Day, which primarily boosts business at the Veneziale’s second store, Giggles Irish Gifts and More, a few doors down on Frankford Avenue.