Northeast: Animal Rescue to Hold Adoption Weekend

Northeast Animal Rescue volunteer, Melissa Hanejko, plays with the cats up for adoption.
Northeast Animal Rescue volunteer, Melissa Hanejko, plays with the cats up for adoption.

The Northeast Animal Rescue (NAR) will be holding its adoption weekend Feb. 12-13.

NAR is a non-profit animal rescue organization.

“We are dedicated to saving homeless, unwanted and abandoned cats. NAR focuses on having feral cats spayed and neutered to decrease overpopulation,” said NAR founder Jayme Bader-Rosenthal.  “Our goal is to place all cats in stable, loving homes where they will be cared for and never be abandoned, abused or neglected.”

Bader-Rosenthal became an animal advocate in 2000.

“During this time, I made many friends who provided me with the ideas and support I needed to take my independent efforts to the next stage and establish a rescue program,” Bader-Rosenthal said.

NAR became a non-profit entity in 2004, which allowed for more growth in the organization.  The group partnered with PetSmart for even more exposure. The PetSmart, located at 11000 Roosevelt Blvd., provides a place for NAR to showcase its animals. Through this partnership NAR has placed over 700 cats.

Currently, NAR has 111 cats they are looking to place in homes.

“Adoption weekend is a chance for people to meet more of our foster animals. Since our PetSmart location can only showcase about 10 animals, this is a good way to get more exposure for the cats that aren’t currently at the location,” Bader-Rosenthal said.

To adopt a cat from NAR hopeful pet owners must fill out an application, go through a background check and meet the animal they are interested in adopting to make sure it’s a good fit.

“We do our best to pair our animals and adopters for this life-long commitment,” Bader-Rosenthal said.

There is a $100 fee to adopt a pet which includes spaying and neutering, testing and vaccines.

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