Mt. Airy: Lovett’s is a Place the Community Can Rely On

Lovett's branch manager Lynn Ruthrauff answers phone calls.

Opened for more than 122 years, Lovett Memorial Library is more than just a place where people can check out books. Located on the 6900 block of Germantown Avenue, Lovett’s a haven that the community can rely on.

Lovett Memorial Library was named after Thomas Robert Lovett, a Mt. Airy resident who had an interest in books and was aware of the lack of facilities in the neighborhood at the time where people can freely read. To this day, the library is a place for more than just that.

“The library serves as a community center where people meet. People may not have access to computers,” explains branch manager Lynn Ruthrauff.

Cyrus Black, 44,  returned to the library when his computer broke.

“I came here today because I needed to fill out online applications for jobs. It’s great because the library provides free services, free books, free DVDs and music.”

Mt. Airy residents have access to numerous computers.

Opened five days a week, the library serves to a diverse neighborhood. After school programs are available for children and it is open to the public for local community meetings.

Kisheea Daniels of Elkins Park says, “If the community were to lose the library, I can’t even imagine it. It would cripple the community and the kids.”

Teresa Glover, the Lovett’s children’s librarian, says that the library even encourage kids during the summer with a reading program to help the students keep up with their readings.

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