North Central: Authentic Jamaican Cuisine

Owner Norman Maxwell preparing food
Owner Norman Maxwell prepares food.

On 21st Street and Susquehanna Avenue sits Maxwell’s, a Jamaican and American restaurant. Owner Norman Maxwell works alongside his wife to cook, bake and occasionally deliver food around the North Philadelphia area. The two Jamaican natives, opened up the restaurant five years ago and have noticed a major increase in customers. Maxwell boasts their reputation to provide Jamaican food.

Maxwell explains how his restaurant is one of the only Caribbean restaurants in the North Central Philadelphia neighborhood. There is a lot of local support from the neighborhood. They also get lot of customers from Temple University, New Jersey, Delaware and other neighborhoods in the city.

In the process of deciding to open up a Jamaican restaurant, Maxwell and his wife felt this neighborhood would be ideal since there is a lack of Caribbean restaurants. His wife handles a lot of baking and finances, while Maxwell is the main cook. Maxwell describes his business partnership with his wife positively, as they work well together to get the job done.

Maxwell’s signature meal is there oxtail platter with rice and beans and steamed cabbage. They continue to use seasonings and spices from Jamaica to provide North Central Philadelphia with an authentic Jamaican cuisine.

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  1. Great work Maxwell, it’s not easy starting your own business. Just remember fortune often favours the brave. We wish you well with you endevours.

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