Germantown: A Jean-ious Invention

Boots Rothchylde
Palmieri loyal customer, Boots Rothchylde, has a wardrobe of exclusively Palmieri suits and jeans.
Joe Palmieri, portrait
Joe Palimieri, owner of Palmieri cutom tailors on Chew Avenue, makes unique custom denim for both men and women.

The name Palmieri means something to denim enthusiasts in Philadelphia. The embroidery-stitched jeans are a signature mark of custom tailor, Joseph Palmieri whose “wear the difference” motto is making more than just a fashion statement.

His pseudo-suits have been featured in local fashion shows and are slowly making their way to clothing stores and boutiques throughout the city. “It’s tough being the little guy going against big brands, especially in this economy, but we are working on it,” said Palmieri.

After inheriting the shop from his father, Palmieri began creating varieties of denim that resemble suits. Located at 6401 Chew Ave., the shop has “been here for 66 years, right in this very location,” Palmieri said.

Proof of Palmieri’s brand power are father and son, Boots Rothchylde and Syawn Jordan. “I felt that, in life you gotta’ make your best presence known,” said Rothchylde, who encourages his son to maintain a distinguished appearance by wearing tailored Palmieri denim.

Detail of embroidered pants
West Oak Lane resident Syawn Jordan wears Palmieri's custom jeans with embroidered side pocket stitching.

Noting the quality fit of the jeans, Rothchylde’s son said, “it’s a money thing.  I’m not trying to brag and sound like I have money — because I don’t, but when I wear Palmieri, I look like I have money, and that’s why I wear them,” said Jordan.

The waistless jeans have brightly colored stitching around the side and back pockets. Varieties of the denim come in lighter and darker washes, and even in mustard yellow for more extravagant taste.

Rothchylde’s closet is filled with one-of-a-kind denim suits and sweat jackets. “The average person doesn’t have custom made, fresh cut, y-collared jackets,” he said. “The clothes are always correct. It’s not like you have to go back and get it altered again — his stuff is perfect.”

Palmieri loyal customer, Boots Rothchylde, has a wardrobe of exclusively Palmieri suits and jeans.

Rothchylde has been a loyal customer for six years and claims that he doesn’t wear anything except Palmieri’s.

While Palmieri works diligently with his hands, sculpting each pair of jeans to fit its owner, he realizes the importance of education. His father insisted he go to college even though he was going to pass down the family business one day. “Dad always said there was nothing worse than an ignorant tailor,” Palmieri said with a laugh.

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