Fairhill: Raices Culturales Brings Diverse Latino Culture in the Community

Veronica Castillo-Perez an Executive Director of Raices Culturales Latino Americana in the Talentos Studio

As you walk north of  Fifth Avenue toward Somerset Street in the business strip of Fairhill you  will pass by an

Veronica Castillo-Perez, an executive director, stands in the Talentos Studio where there is also Colombian art exhibit on display.

important cultural organization. Raices Culturales  Latino Americana or Latin American Cultural Roots, with the rear entrance at the corner of North Fifth Street and Somerset Street, is a place to visit for anybody interested in diverse Latin music and art. This non-profit organization offers numerous music classes such as bomba, flamenco, piano and guitar.

Latin American Cultural Roots was formed in 1991 mainly as a coalition of Latin American musicians and dancers. Since then it has been focusing on upcoming musicians and artists in the Fairhill community and beyond. “The reason why this organization was founded is because 70 percent of Latinos in Philadelphia are of Puerto Rican descent. So the other 30 percent of Latino groups did not really have the united voice and they decided to form Raices which mean “roots” so that other groups can come together and preserve their cultural roots through music and art,” said Veronica Castillo-Perez, an executive director of Raices Culturales Latino Americana.

Raices Culturales mission is to support promote and increase public awareness of the richness, beauty and diversity of Latin American cultures and their roots through  performing, visual arts and dynamic educational programs.

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