Mayfair: Father Judge Honors Graduates Fallen in Battle

The Vietnam War memorial is visible to anyone that passes by Father Judge High School in Mayfair.

The 27 names on the Vietnam War memorial outside Father Judge High School in Northeast Philadelphia serve as a reminder of how the war affected the Philadelphia region.

The Vietnam War memorial honors 27 young servicemen that gave their lives, more than any other non-public high school in the nation.

The Vietnam War, which began in 1957 and ended in 1975, claimed the lives of 650 men from the Philadelphia region. During the war, Father Judge High School, an all-boys Catholic school, lost 27 graduates–more than any other non-public school in the nation.

The fallen soldiers from Father Judge graduated between 1960 and 1968.

The monument sits in front of the main entrance to the high school on Solly and Rowland avenues and is a large granite stone in front of an American flag. There are inscriptions of the names and graduation years of the 27 young servicemen lost during the war. Above the names is a large engraving of Michelangelo’s “Pieta” and an inscription from St. John’s Gospel that reads, “Greater love than this no one has, that one lay down his life for his friends.”

When we visited the monument, a freshly placed evergreen wreath and a glass-encased, burning red candle lay at the foot of the statue.

The Vietnam War memorial is visible to anyone that passes by Father Judge High School in Mayfair.


  1. I think a petition should be drafted and presented to city council to rename the 3300 block of Solly Ave. It should be named “27 Way”
    Can anyone make this happen?

  2. North Catholic had 29 men fall in Vietnam therefore your statement”more than any other non-public school in the nation” is wrong.



    James F. McCafferty


    William P. Coll
    Joseph M. Gorman


    Joseph J. Crawford


    Ronald D. Briggs
    William D. McCuen
    George D. Speece
    Robert V. Stever


    William A. Kuprevich
    Leonard S. Pelullo


    Richard J. Conlin
    Michael P. Rymarczuk


    Joseph J. Nitka
    Louis W. Potempa
    William M. Riley
    Albert C. Wall, Jr.


    Lawrence A. Branigan
    Anthony J. Metzger
    Joseph T. Monaghan
    Thomas F. Nilan
    George J. Reed, Jr.
    Joseph F. Schimpf
    Patrick J. Thiroway, Jr.


    Anthony F. Citrigno
    Edward J. Kapusta
    Robert T. Koehler


    Dennis Donovan
    William T. Findlay


    John R. Feeser

  3. I served during the Vietnam conflict in 1974, US Army. I graduated from Father Judge 1972. I still work for the Department of Defense U.S. Navy Patuxent River Maryland.

  4. I graduated from Father Judge in 1972 and enlisted in the U.S. Army during the Vietnam conflict in 1974. I was proud to serve. My heart goes out to those families of the Fallen.

  5. I graduated in 1968, enlisted in the US Marines that Nov. went to VN June 1969 , assigned to W 3/11. one year year later I came back. I survived but it changed my life, I think of the war everyday. My heart also goes out to all the young and brave that died and their families

  6. Ray Morace US Army 68 -70
    Drafted & went to Vietnam in 69
    It was a tough time , for the families of Mayfair.
    Jackie Bense was a great friend we new the Family well . Jackie was over our house many times getting golf tips from my dad Joe Morace
    .Both of our Dad’s were Phila
    police officers ,we had a lot in common .Steve Miller also 63’I could picture him vividly walking down the halls of Judge. We had many classes together . He was a good kid .
    Our prayers & thoughts will always
    be with the young guys we lost, and for their families that changed their lives forever .

    Jackie & I played ball together & played golf . He was a big boy & good friend ,anda great athlete .
    I knew Steve Miller

  7. What catholic high school lost the most graduates during the viet nam war.

  8. Visit memorial often with flag & flowers for Memorial Day. Classmate Philip O’Connell 60; William Brown 62 same Grade School; Forest School Yard sports buddies Joseph Pellegrino 61 and Clement Grassi 64. I pray for them often and thank them and other veterans for faithful military service and sacrifices made. THEY ARE NEVER FORGOTTEN !

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