North Central: Convenience Store Catering to All

Jose Peraota, works at Food Central for five years
Jose Peraotz has worked at Food Central for five years.

Food Central, a community Spanish corner store located on Diamond and 17th streets caters to the North Central neighborhood of Philadelphia. With merengue music bursting through the speakers, Food Central offers traditional Spanish dishes along with household items and groceries.

Jose Peraota has been a cashier there for five years and has noticed consistent growth in his customers.

“We get a lot of residents and Temple students,” Peraota said. “Now without Temple students, we would have no business.”

This corner store has been around for 11 years, serving the community with blends of Spanish and classic Philadelphia dishes. It caters to a broad crowd and competes with prices of nearby convenient stores.

Two ladies order a meal at Food Central.

Nick Ceniviva a resident, who lives a few blocks from Food Central, enjoys the food and convenience of the store.

“The store really has everything you need,” Ceniviva said. Ceniviva commented on the friendly atmosphere the workers consistently create.

Peraota makes a point to make a personal friendly connection with his customers.

“I’m a nice guy,” Peraota explained. “I don’t have any problems with anyone”.

Jose Peraota does a transaction with customer.

Food Central brings both neighborhood residents and Temple students of all backgrounds, for cheesesteaks, household necessities and different aspects of a Latino influence.

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