South Philadelphia: Late Night Bowling In Whitman

After almost a decade of business, the owner of Northern Liberties’ North Bowl now has a second location, which opened earlier this year on Feb. 26.

Located at 19 E. Oregan Ave., South Bowl is a two level warehouse with two bars and several lanes. But there is more to South Bowl than bowling, according to J.J. Porteus, co-manager.

“It’s not so much just about bowling here as it is about the atmosphere and giving everybody a good place just to hang out,” said Porteus. “Whether it be family time or a nighttime scene for young people, we’ve got a good climate here.”

This new bowling destination is larger than its sister location, with 26 lanes to choose from. There are 16 public lanes and two private areas that customers can rent out, one with six lanes and the other with four.

Customers can also take advantage of South Bowl’s two bars, with plenty of food and drinks to go around.

“We’ve got tons of different specials,” said Porteus. “We’ve got our own deviled eggs. We’ve been running a bunch of different taco specials and we always have a special salad.”

South Bowl aims to give customers a finer dining experience, according to Radtke. While the menu may carry North Bowl classics like mac and cheese and tater tots, there are new additions as well.

“A little bit different from North Bowl, here we have brick-oven pizza,” said co-manager Zach Radtke. ”It’s really good. I would definitely recommend it.”


The employees get to sample the food as well.

“It’s a tough job but somebody’s got to do it,” said Porteus.

Apart from food, South Bowl also offers league bowling. United States Bowling Congress sanctioned leagues play Monday through Thursday at 6:30 p.m., while industry leagues play Tuesdays at 9:30 p.m.

“We actually just joined a league, my colleague and I,” said Omar Carrillo. “It’s something different. It’s fun.”


Customers aren’t the only ones having fun at South Bowl. Porteus and Radtke both say they have trouble leaving work. After they get done, they can’t help but stay for a game.

“I have a lot of fun working here,” said Radtke. “It’s a blast.”]

– Text, video and images by Christine Irving.

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